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A Midsummer's Equation (Detective Galileo #6) by Keigo Higashino

A Midsummer's Equation - Keigo Higashino

It would seem odd to say that what feels refreshing about this murder mystery is starting it without knowing who the criminal is. You might wonder, isn't that the whole point of mysteries, to find out who did it? But in the other two Higashino books that I've read before, the murderer's identity is quite obvious from the beginning and the focus is on how they did the crime. That is not the case with this novel.

The story opens with a controversial plan for an undersea mining exploration at a struggling resort town, pitting some environmentalists against those who are pro-development. So when a resort guest is killed, at first I thought the murder would be related to the issue. But the crime turns out to be a lot more personal than that. I was totally clueless and couldn't guess what happened as the story goes to unexpected directions, uncovering secrets piled upon more secrets. What I liked most was how our Detective Galileo, Professor Yukawa, develops a bond with the little boy staying at the same resort with him and becomes a kind of science tutor slash life mentor for the kid.