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Lost For Words by Stephanie Butland

Lost for Words - Stephanie Butland

The cover makes this seem like a light fluffy romance, but it's much more than that. While it does have romance and some humor, it also deals with pretty heavy personal issues. The heroine, Loveday, carries emotional scars from her childhood and sticks to herself most of the time, keeping busy with her job at a cozy secondhand bookshop. The mystery of her traumatic past is slowly unraveled as she meets new people and discovers surprising things. Some aspects of the story and the writing could've been better, but I really liked how she learns some lessons throughout the book and grows in more ways than one. It was what I wanted but didn't get from the main character in The Language of Flowers, another book with similar themes.

Loveday learns through her own experience with dating violence to gain a new perspective on the past abuse that her mother suffered from in the hands of her father. She learns that just because someone else lives a relatively sheltered life and hasn't had as much hardship as she had, it doesn't mean that their problems are trivial and they can't empathize with hers. She learns that the people around her can truly care about her, not out of a sense of duty or pity but genuine affection, and that she can let them in instead of push them away. Above all she learns to allow herself to heal.

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