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Peony in Love by Lisa See

Peony In Love - Lisa See

While all the descriptions of history and culture in this book were interesting, I thought they took a lot of focus away from the actual story. I thought See's writing felt dull sometimes, like she's just listing all the customs and traditions. Maybe it's because I already know some things about Chinese culture, footbinding included. But the part about pioneering women writers were informative, though.

I thought Peony was a little pathetic. I couldn't believe it didn't occur to her to find out who her betrothed was (I had guessed it early on). Her death seemed like such a waste. She could've just asked her father about it, she could've been happy with Ren, etc etc.

I didn't like Ze, but I thought it was really unfair of Peony to use her to please Ren. Aggravating as she was, she didn't deserve to be treated like a mere physical vehicle for Peony to achieve her ends. That said, though, Peony learned from her experience with Ze to just let Ren be happy with his last wife.

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