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The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

The Mysterious Benedict Society  - Carson Ellis, Trenton Lee Stewart

I love the children characters in this book except Constance. Really, she's so obnoxiously annoying that even her rare moments of goodness do not redeem her in my eyes. This book loses a star thanks to her. A final discovery about her at the end of the book kind of tips the scale in her favor, but not much at all, really. She's even making me think twice on whether or not I want to read the next books in this series, although I'd like to know where this story is going.

Speaking of the story, I feel like the book is taking on a theme so big that it fails to live up to it somehow. There's this huge conspiracy going on but something just feels lacking. The story also lags a bit around the middle. The riddles, clues, puns and little twists in the plot are fun, though.