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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

The violence level has really gone up in this final book of the Hunger Games series. The twist near the end with Snow and Coin was really unexpected, in a good way. I think the author wants to make a statement about war, that no matter how noble some people's intentions seem to be, there will always be others who only look out for their own interests and will sacrifice anyone and anything to achieve them. And while Katniss didn't exactly choose Peeta in the end (for me, it was more like they ended up together because Gale was no longer around, and he and Katniss had Prim's death between them), I'm happy that they got together.

Suzanne Collins' writing is not exactly stellar; her sentences are sometimes too choppy and her tone tends to be over-dramatic. But the entire Hunger Games series is built with an awesome concept and a profoundly deep message behind it, and her storytelling draws us in and makes us sympathize with the characters. So I definitely recommend this whether you're a fan of young adult fiction or not.