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"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away." —Bee Gees

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman "Stories are webs, interconnected, strand to strand, and you follow each story to the centre, because the centre is the end. Each person is a strand of story."

Neil Gaiman skillfully weaves the strands to make an amusing tale of two sons of the trickster spider-god, Anansi. Fat Charlie, who's actually only fat briefly during childhood, lives a normal if not boring life for twenty-something years without knowing the true identity of his estranged father. Only after his father's death does he learn that the old man was a god and there's another son in the family named Spider. Over the course of the book, Fat Charlie meets his eccentric, fun-loving brother Spider for the first time, encounters strange mythical creatures, travels to otherworldly places, and learns a lot more than he ever wants to know about himself and his family.

This is the second Gaiman book I've read after [book: Stardust], and I found that they both tell the stories of different characters but all the branches point to the same direction in the end, where everything fits perfectly like puzzle pieces. For a book that mixes magic, brotherly camaraderie, animal spirits, white-collar crimes, ghosts and karaoke songs, Anansi Boys is certainly a funny and entertaining read.