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Witch's Canyon - Eric Kripke, Jeff Mariotte Compared to the first novelization of the TV series, [book: Supernatural: Nevermore], this one has a slightly edgier, more difficult case, with our favorite Winchester boys trying to save the residents of a small town from getting slaughtered by creatures that seemed as if they came out of Dawn of the Dead. This guarantees more action and thrills, but somehow I get the feeling that the author didn't quite catch the characters of Dean and Sam so well -- there were some dialogue that sound awkward coming out of their mouths.

I also think Witch's Canyon has less humor (but then that's maybe because the case is more serious than the previous book) and brotherly bonding moments that one can expect in every episode of the series. The author takes too much time detailing secondary characters only to brutally kill them afterwards, when he could've told more about the Winchesters. Or maybe I just love Sam and Dean too much ;P