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"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away." —Bee Gees

The Little Ghost - Otfried Preußler, Anthea Bell, F.J. Tripp I read the Indonesian translation when I was younger. This is a children's book about a little ghost who is as white as snow, much like Casper. He lives -- or unlives -- happily in a town until one day he wakes up at day instead of night. And how different is the world in daylight! The gentle moonbeam is replaced by a scorching sunlight, which befalls on the little ghost and turns him black. And I tell you, a black Casper-like ghost ain't pretty. The townspeople seem to think the same because once they see a glimpse of the ghost, they start to hunt him down like a monster. Now the little ghost must find a way to return to his original condition, and to do that he seeks the help of the only people of the town who do not seem to be afraid of him: two children.

The book does not intend to scare, instead, it gives a sense of wonder and serenity as we read (and see the illustration) about the silvery white ghost who roams the night, floating weightlessly and glittering as he reflects the moonlight.