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The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

The Interestings: A Novel - Meg Wolitzer “You had only one chance for a signature in life, but most people left no impression.”

This is the story of a group of friends who met at an art summer camp in the 1970s. They each have a love for a certain form of art, but not all of them have the chance to make it their signature in life. One of them may have a great talent, some only mildly talented, and others may not be that talented at all. Decades pass, and the one among them with the gift of true talent may achieve superstardom, another may get the boost they need by having money and social status, while another may be hindered by personal tragedies. But some just end up being ordinary people living ordinary lives.

I enjoyed this better than the first Meg Wolitzer book I read, The Uncoupling. This one felt very engaging and real, like I really knew these people and was interested in what happens to them, regardless of them being likeable or not. Wolitzer provides an interesting study of what talent really means and whether one can succeed with it alone. But the dynamics between the characters, between the successful and the not-so successful, and how they try to maintain their friendships and relationships as the years go by, are what makes this novel a lot more Interesting for me.