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Euphoria by Lily King

Euphoria - Lily King

This book might as well have had a warning saying "this won't end well" in the first page, as the ending is obvious from the start. Because of that I was expecting an outcome that is a bit more... I don't know, explosive? It turns out to be a bit lackluster.



I'm not sure whether Nell truly fell in love with Bankson or she only needs someone who cares about her and respects her, both emotionally and intellectually, unlike her husband Fen.

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It was interesting to learn about Margaret Mead, though, and her real-life story as an anthropologist learning about tribal cultures in New Guinea, which is the basis from which the book is adapted. The descriptions of the method of studying the culture are quite enlightening. My university faculty has an anthropology department but I never took any elective anthropology classes back when I was a student apart from compulsory, general cultural studies stuff, so I know very little about the field and about Mead.