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The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

The End of the Affair - Graham Greene, Geoff Grandfield

This book starts out as a story about an affair and ends up being about a personal quest to discover God and Catholicism. Bendrix's endless first-person rant about love and hate is quite boring for me. His blind jealousy falls flat; his passion has no pulse. Things pick up a little when we get to see things from the eyes of his ex-lover, Sarah. Although this is where the story takes an odd turn into religious territory, I read her parts faster and was able to relate to her better (and I'm not even Catholic).

A few revelations about Sarah wrap up the vague and lackluster ending, but I think the most interesting outcome is Bendrix becoming good friends with Sarah's husband Henry after she dies. He even turns from hating Henry to being his emotional supporter of sorts, Henry being more severely affected by her death than he is.

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Despite this, I suspect I won't remember much about this book after some time and that this might be the end of my own affair with Graham Greene.