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The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

The Last Anniversary - Liane Moriarty

After enjoying Big Little Lies but liking The Husband's Secret a little less, this time Moriarty is back in my good books, so to speak. The two novels above both focus on three main female characters, but this one also includes parts seen from the point of view of several other supporting female characters and even some male ones, all having their own distinct personalities, problems, and secrets — lots of secrets. Somehow I couldn't guess the main secret behind the 'Munro Baby Mystery' in this book, but it's more satisfying than the one in The Husband's Secret.

Sophie's chapters are the most chicklit-y, sometimes too much so, and I never really get why she is so universally adored by everyone. I found Grace's parts to be quite realistic and convincing, except for her final scene when she suddenly discovers love for her baby son after struggling with postnatal depression throughout the whole novel and not having a scrap of feeling for him. But overall the book is a nice mix of drama and comedy with psychological issues and family skeletons. The Aussie setting also makes it interesting for someone like me, who is from a neighboring country to Australia but whose English reads are mostly set in the US or the UK. Some parts feel close to home (people taking a Panadol instead of an aspirin, for instance) while others are new and unfamiliar (like a bachelor party being called a bucks party).