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In The Woods (Dublin Murder Squad #1) by Tana French

In the Woods - Tana French

Despite a few things I was quite absorbed in this Irish police procedural. The main detective Rob Ryan is what one might call a flawed character, so flawed that he sometimes makes me roll my eyes in frustration. I wished some of the developments in the plot didn't have to happen.


I had hoped Rob and Cassie would stay friends because their relationship is adorable enough that way, and I've read enough fiction where this kind of turnaround from friends to lovers don't end well (side-eyeing another recent detective series here). But there were hints that the plot was heading that way and I was sort of dreading the inevitable, which did end up happening and made things a bit melodramatic for me near the end.

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And yet I was still emotionally invested in the story and these characters and was rooting for them. The writing is very good, although I could guess parts of one of the mysteries about midway through.