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After Dark

After Dark - Haruki Murakami This was short, simple and meaningful. It's a story of a number of people whose paths intersected during the eerie hours between midnight and dawn. Despite the horror undertone, I found that so many more topics were incorporated into the slim volume: loneliness, alienation, modern urban life, and ultimately, human connection. I had many guesses of how the story might turn out while reading, and they are almost always wrong. While some things remain unexplained, I found many insightful passages in the characters' conversations.

This was my second Murakami after being unable to finish his short story collection, [book: The Elephant Vanishes], and it helped convince me to read more books by him (though probably not the longer ones). After I finished reading the book on the bus on my way home from a day's work, I found myself looking out the window, at a city that had just come alive after dark.