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The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire: A Novel - Stieg Larsson

The reference to fire on the title was nearly lost on me as it was mentioned once in the prologue and then only mentioned again some 300 pages later when it was revealed what Salander did to Zala. I actually already knew about the whole secret with Zala -- mistakenly read a spoiler somewhere -- but the whole mystery was still engaging to read, although the investigation part was a bit too long. I wish there was less focus on members of the police team or Armansky's team, I felt the author spent too much time on them. The subplots with Harriet Vanger and Berger being offered a new job were also just pointless for me.

Salander is really growing on me, despite the antisocial tendencies and extreme sense of morality, I get where she's coming from. But I did find it rather unbelievable that she got shot in the head (though with a small gun) and buried underground but managed to dig her way out. And after all this, yes, I'm still gonna read the third book.