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The Other Hand by Chris Cleave

The Other Hand - Chris Cleave

This book has two narrators, Little Bee and Sarah, and I was fascinated with Little Bee's voice to the point that I was less interested in Sarah's narration. It took me a few chapters before I began to appreciate Sarah's parts, but I was always more thrilled to return to Bee's parts and hear things from her point of view again. After I was done I thought it was a good book, just not quite that mind-blowing like the back cover and the "letter from editor" said. I don't know if I'm hard to please or anything but it just didn't quite make it into the 5 star list for me. Maybe it's the vague ending, or the fact that I preferred Bee's narration than Sarah's, I'm not sure. But I do think the subject is very relevant to today's world, and to my country as well, and leaves us all with something to think about.